My Addictive Journey towards Hungry Shark Evolution Game

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Mobile game was not always a good time pass for me. I have tried some games and not quite happy with the result over there. So, I took few years’ gap and concentrate on watching movies and reading story books instead.  It was after that, when my sister first introduced the Hungry Shark World to me. There are so many important features, which first took my mind towards this game. It’s an aquatic game, where basically I own a shark. Here, my main intention is to help the shark gain more food to it, be it human or any small fish.

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It was fun at first, and immediately become an addictive game for me. It was on my sister’s mobile, when I played it first. Once I get a grasp of this game, which was a little bit hard in the beginning, I quickly downloaded my own Hungry Shark World from the Google Store. My sister used iPhone, so she downloaded from the Apple store.

This game was the first ever experience, which I truly enjoyed from start till end. Here, I got the chances to buy more sharks, as the levels start to proceed. It becomes really very difficult for me to get my other works done, when I have hungry shark in my mobile running. Well, this is a good sign, though! This Hungry Shark World turns me into a voracious shark, and my shark needs to eat as many human and fish, as possible to stay abreast and alive in this game.

Just like dealing with the eating business, this game has more into it. I started eating out humans, and finally came to that point, where I was trapped in the underwater traps. Well, that took my life, and I had to start the game all over again. While I was playing, I came up with some fishes, which started turning yellow. It was little confusing at first, but then I realized that gulping those fishes down means earning more points. It was a battle from start till end, as I have to save my shark from other bigger sharks, underwater traps, monstrous enemies and some scuba divers with harpoons.


When I first started playing this game, I enjoyed it thoroughly. As the levels start to advance, the game becomes tougher than usual. When I was really hooked to this game, it turned out to be quite tough, than what I have imagined. Overall, it is a wonderful experience, which I would like to enjoy every now and then. Even before I tried my hand in this gaming experience, I was skeptical. But when I started playing it, I was glued to it, not like anything else ever in life!

This game, to me, is a unique experience. It is something, which I did not find in any of the other mobile games. Even tough, some games have the same battle like features, but Hungry Shark World is a completely new world of its own. Furthermore, the incorporation of gems and other coins made this game more exciting not just for me, but for every layer, sometimes it gets difficult to find out gems and coins in the game so you fill like stucked in the game but if you serve more and more in game you will start getting ideas about where to search for bonus coins and gems, but some of the online websites offers direct bulk quantity of gems and golds for free. Yeah its possible to get gems in hungry shark world there are few sites that are impressive when it comes to find Hungry shark evolution cheats on the internet.

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